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What is Pilates?


An innovative physical conditioning system developed by Joseph Pilates.


Pilates is a physical training system created by Joseph Pilates based on the principles of gymnastics, yoga, ballet and physical rehabilitation. Joseph Pilates originally called his technique Contrology, since it is based on using the mind to control the body's movements.


It was in England, during the First World War, that Pilates developed his method while he was imprisoned due to his nationality. There, while he was working as a male nurse, he devised a system for improving the physical condition of sick prisoners that involved strings and pulleys on stretchers. This was the origin of the Pilates Reformer. Over time, Pilates developed a variety of exercises, as well as other equipment and accessories. In 1923, Joseph Pilates and his wife Clara moved to New York where they set up a gym to teach his technique: Pilates.


Nowadays, Pilates is available all over the world, and Mexico is no exception. Pilates is a technique that is commonly used for all kinds of physical conditioning and has many advantages:


  • It improves the posture and flattens the stomach
  • It tones, hardens and sculpts the body
  • It prevents sports injuries
  • It lengthens and strengthens muscles
  • It relieves back problems
  • It works on specific areas according to each person's needs
  • It reactivates the circulatory system, helping to combat flabbiness and cellulite
  • It improves concentration and reduces stress


With 8 years of experience in Monterrey, Mexico, and now in Polanco in Mexico City, Movimiento Pilates was one of the first gyms specializing in Pilates. We are now regarded as one of the best Pilates gyms in the area.

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