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Come and see for yourself that doing Pilates is not the same as doing it at Movimiento Pilates.


There are lots of gyms, but if you want the best Pilates, you’ll have to come to Movimiento Pilates. Our substantial experience has made us one of the best Pilates gyms in Monterrey, Mexico, and now with our new location in Mexico City, Movimiento Pilates Polanco


Movimiento Pilates is for everyone, regardless of their age, physical condition, level of experience or specific needs. Doing Pilates can help you achieve the following:


  • Sculpt your body
  • Lose weight
  • Improve your overall physical condition
  • Complement other activities such as dance, golf and tennis and many others
  • Do healthy, safe exercise during pregnancy and recover your figure after birth
  • Recover from an injury or accident
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There are several reasons why Movimiento Pilates is the ideal choice for doing Pilates in Monterrey.


Experienced instructors

Instructors at Movimiento Pilates are rigorously trained and have significant experience in Pïlates. Most of them have taught hundreds of hours of Pilates at our gym and they all receive on-going training.
Exceptional technique The technique we use at Movimiento Pilates is highly sophisticated. Pilates is our specialty and we have in-depth knowledge of this discipline on Reformer, the way it was devised by Joseph Pilates.
The ideal atmosphere We have a gym with the ideal atmosphere for exercise. You will be able to practice Pilates with background music specially chosen for each class, all within a pleasant, clean and air-conditioned atmosphere.

The best Pilates equipment

Our Pilates gym has the finest equipment and we strive to keep it in optimal condition. We work mainly with wooden Reformers but we also use the Cadillac, balls, springs and other equipment.
Personalized attention At Movimiento Pilates, you will be given individualized attention. If you need to sculpt your body, lose weight or work on a particular part of your body, come to Movimiento Pilates! We give classes in small groups, so your instructor will always be able to assist you.



Come to Movimiento Pilates, the only gym where you can do Pilates on wooden Reformers using the finest technique in the location that bests suits you, in Monterrey, in Colonia del Valle in San Pedro Garza Garcia, or in Mexico City in Colonia Polanco.

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